Your Guide To Dating A Sports Fanatic

A major part of dating, especially when you start getting into a relationship that might just be real, is to learn to accept the parts of them that you may not fully be in sync with. This is often interests that don’t quite hit you the same way.

A common experience for women is to find a guy that you really like, but one who is into sports in a big way, when you might not be. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions to this dynamic, but if you found yourself facing it, what can you do to navigate this part of the relationship?

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3 tips for dating a sports fanatic

Understand and don’t belittle his passions

There are plenty of women who are into sports, but a lot of us have been raised to see too much passion and involvement in them as “unfeminine” and, as a result, something to be treated with amusement or dismissal.

There are limits as to how passionate one should get about anything, but a life-long fandom of a team can be an important facet of an individual’s life.

Belittling a man over that or making fun of that interest, as if it hasn’t shaped parts of him often since childhood, is extremely toxic behavior so make sure that you address any part of you that might be tempted to do that and to become a better partner.

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Give it a try

Both people in the relationship should, at the very least, try to see the appeal of the thing that their partner loves. Learning the sport, be it by watching it with him, asking questions (even dumb ones, and checking sites like

Even if it doesn’t stick, root for his team with him. It’s your way of supporting him even if you don’t give a crap about the team or the sport itself.

What’s more, you can enjoy some of the benefits if you’re willing to go along with it, such as getting a city break if you’re okay with him spending one of those days out at the game. Whatever you do, don’t try to muster fake excitement. Give it an honest try, but don’t try to “trick” him.

Anticipate strong emotions

Sports are often considered the acceptable male face of passionate emotions. Even guys who cut a stoic figure through most of the rest of their life are going to showcase a range of extremely passionate sides of themselves when they’re watching their team.

Many of them will get mad and go on a rant about a certain team or individual. Let him express these sides of himself, so long as he doesn’t get overly wound up to the point of mania.

Tips like those featured at can help if you’re concerned about him but, in most cases, he’s going to simply burn himself out.

The most important part of all is honesty and acceptance. Providing their love of sport doesn’t take priorities in ways that you’re uncomfortable with, there’s nothing wrong with having passions that are different from your partner’s, you can both learn to live with it easily.

Your Guide To Dating A Sports Fanatic

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