30+ Absolutely Beautiful Bird Tattoos

Birds have always been a popular tattoo element in the tattoo world. Bird tattoos have meaningful and elegant beauty which suits aesthetic traditional designs and it remains one of the top choice for a tattoo.

When considering to have a specific bird tattoo like a raven or dove though the symbolism of birds tattoo is mostly associated to a particular culture or religion and it mostly represents freedom, peace and liberation

Significance of bird tattoos

The purpose of a bird tattoo is birds are creatures that add charm to the environment. They also reflect beauty in our lives. Many people consider birds to be beautiful and graceful animals. Birds are flying creatures and when you are able to observe one up close, it makes one for a special moment.

1. Freedom

Birds are also unique creatures with their ability to fly. This symbolizes freedom. Free as a bird carries an obvious significance of freedom of body and spirit. For example, the eagle is one of the prominent sign of freedom.

2. Love

In addition, birds represent love. Some types of birds are widely associated with love. Just think of Lovebirds. Dove are particularly seen as a symbol of love and purity. Swans too are also indicated for the note of love and faithfulness. Birds are basically a representation of love in our lives.

3. Peace

Birds also symbolize peace. In addition to representing love, birds like dove are seen as a symbol of peace and pacifism in general. This is a true context of political and religious symbolism.

4. Fearlessness

Birds tattoo also depict fearlessness. Fearlessness in birds shows courage to fly higher and also encourages you to move beyond your aims and passion in life.

For example the eagle is often seen as the most fearless bird and for this reason, birds encourage us to move beyond our expectations and also to pursue our dreams because when we develop the spirit of fear we can never reach our goals in life.

Samples of bird tattoos and their meaning

Yellow bird tattoos

Yellow birds are mostly represented with happiness and prosperity in life. Yellow birds were kept as pest because they cheer room and they also sing. Their singing add cheerfulness, whether it’s in a cage or not. A yellow bird represent joy and cheer.

Bluebird tattoos

Bluebird is also been associated to happiness for a couple of years and also in many cultures. Bluebird is noted for extreme intelligence. They have the ability to communicate well with other birds and humans.

The bluebird also symbolizes truth and purity. This is associated with the blue color of their feathers. The native Americans believed that bluebirds depicts clarity of thought and the bluebird tattoo depicts a person with a pure heart, mind and soul

Ravens Or crow tattoo designs

Black birds like crow or ravens often symbolize omens of death. They are also noted for the deliveries of divine messages. In most cultures raven and crows are noted for magic, mystery and also the spirit world. They also depicts intelligence and resourcefulness in life.

crow tattoo
crow tattoo
crow tattoo
crow tattoo

Crane tattoos

Cranes are birds that symbolize good fortune and luck. Traditionally, it was noted that cranes help wishes come true. In ancient Japan Cranes were believed to bring prosperity and goodness. In times of difficulties cranes are given as hopeful gesture.

crane tattoo

Eagle tattoo design

Eagles represent muscular, power agile. Eagles show majestic strength and power. Eagles are sacred animals that also depicts courage, strength, power and vision. If some one is noted for eagle eyes then it means they are extremely observant and can see for miles .

The Native Americans believed that eagles are courageous and it also depicts a person who has vision and power to do something in life


The hummingbird represents energy, vitality and alacrity. The hummingbird can fly 49mph and can also flap up to 70 times per second. This symbolizes it’s unique energy.

The hummingbird tattoo signifies that smaller things are powerful and should never be underestimated. It’s also viewed as a positive symbol related to good luck or good news

hummingbird tattoo
hummingbird tattoo

Peacock tattoo design

Peacocks are birds that portray beauty because of the spectacular uniqueness of its features. The coloring feathers of peacock portray integrity, immortality and the peacock is a great choice for tattoo because it portrays it’s beauty.

peacock tattoo
peacock tattoo
peacock tattoo

Sparrow and swallows tattoos

Swallows and sparrows are old tattoo designs. It’s was often worn by sailors as a sign of hope and safe journey. Swallows are also generally associated with love and happiness.

The ancient Egyptians believed that sparrows protect souls of the dead. They also depict a battle against an unjust society or living.

swallow tattoo
swallow tattoo
swallow tattoo
swallow tattoo

Parrots tattoos

Parrots are birds that can pronounce words. Parrots stands for intelligence, communication and companionship. They also represent the canny rebelliousness of a pirate. Parrots are mostly chosen for bird tattoo due to it’s significant purpose which includes colorful, clever and playful ability.

parrot tattoo

Dove tattoos

As it was already stated, Dove are birds that symbolizes peace and love. It is also noted for purity and innocence of spirit. Doves are also seen as representation of God’s love. Dove is also associated with beauty, love, peace, hope and gentleness.

Hawk or Falcon

Hawks and falcons are birds that symbolizes strength and majesty. They are mostly known for excellent hunting skills. They have clear vision and they have the ability to stay focus on a particular task for a period of time.

dove tattoo

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