Why A Winter Wedding Is A Good Idea

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Did you ever consider getting married in the winter? If you haven’t then maybe you should. OK so it isn’t what you’ve always imagined, but that’s because summer weddings are broadcast as the traditional occasion.

The reality is that winter weddings can be just as beautiful and memorable, they also come with a range of features that can save you money and improve the overall experience. To find out more, read on. 

Venue and Vendor Availability 

When thinking about your wedding you’re probably thinking about a summer wedding first. A summer wedding is what you’ve always imagined, it’s the way many of your friends and family members got married, and it’s the way people get married in movies and adverts.

A winter wedding, however, is not only beautiful and memorable, it’s also easier to organise and cheaper. Venues are in their off-peak season, and vendors have a quieter schedule. This means you have more options over what venues you choose and when to have your wedding. 

Seasonal Pricing 

No matter which way you approach your wedding it’s going to be expensive. There’s the venue to hire, the attire to obtain, the catering to sort out, and the decoration to arrange. But you can make your budget go much further with a winter wedding and some advice from: https://yourdiamondguru.com/reviews/tiffany/

The winter is off-peak season meaning that venues and vendors tend to be cheaper. Demand affects pricing. Moreover, to encourage more people to book with them and use their services they often offer discounts and offers – take advantage of these for your winter wedding. 

wedding arch decorated with old light bulbs in winter

Decorated Venues

One expense you have in the summer that you can avoid in the winter in the cost of decorating your venue. With a summer wedding even high-end venues will need to be dressed up for the occasion, not the case in the winter.

During the winter most of the venues you would want for a wedding, including churches, hotels, and stately homes, are all decorated for the season already. These types of venues often have tasteful decorations that are expensive-looking and perfect for a wedding occasion

Guest Availability 

The availability of your guests is another reason to organise a winter wedding. If you’re like most people you will have friends and relatives living in various parts of the world. Throughout the year most of them will be occupied with their jobs and lives, but the winter is different.

People tend to come home in the winter to visit friends and family, the festive season is a good excuse to do this. It means that the availability of your guests is more accommodating, and they will be happy too, as it’s more convenient. 

bride in a winter forest

Recycle Holiday Decorations 

If you’re interested in having an ethical wedding then you should consider a winter wedding. For one thing you can recycle a lot of your decorations which will help the environment and save you money. More good reasons to have a winter wedding.

In the winter festive decorations are freely available in most places making them easy to buy, you can also borrow decorations such as fairy lights, tinsel, lanterns, wreaths, and trees from friends and family. Your wedding decorations can be used annually for years to come. 


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