15 Refreshing Mojito Recipes To Try

Mojito is a classic cocktail that should be served all year round. Here are 15 different refreshing mojito recipes you can try.

It is summer in a glass. It’s got watermelon, the most summery of summer fruits. Tons of fresh mint (that’s the mojito part). And a lot of fresh lime juice to brighten it up.

Strawberry champagne mojito

This Strawberry Champagne Mojito is fresh….and refreshing, full of bright, juicy strawberries and mint with a splash of natural lime juice. Topped with a bit of light rum and champagne.

Blackberry mojito recipe

A Blackberry Mojito is invigorating during any season, for any event, or delighted in anytime.

source: Erren’s kitchen

Raspberry mojito

This Raspberry Mojito recipe is an easy refreshing summer drink that combines sweet raspberries, rum, and mint for the perfect sit-back-and-relax drink

Pineapple mojito sangria

Boozy pineapple chunks mingle with muddled lime and fresh mint for a refreshing white wine sangria that’s sure to be the hit of the party.

Peach mojito recipe

A delicious and fruity mojito recipe, this Peach Mojito is a fun twist on a classic rum cocktail – perfect for summer or backyard parties!

source: garlic and zest

Tropical bubbly passion fruit mojito

This easy mojito recipe is tropical and light with muddled lime and mint leaves plus a floral, sweet passion fruit syrup.

mexican mojito recipe
source: kitchen fun with my 3 sons

Mexican strawberry mojito

This is a pretty quick and easy cocktail to make, just get all the ingredients together and shake it up. If you like mojitos, you will love this Mexican strawberry version.

Honey mint whiskey mojito

Grapefruit mojito

Fresh fruit and mojitos go so well together. The addition of the grapefruit gives this cocktail an extra tartness and beautiful pink hue.

Cucumber mojito

This cucumber mojito recipe is a refreshing twist on the classic mojito cocktail.  It’s everything you love about a mojito with an extra hint of fresh.

Blueberry Mojito

Blueberry mojitos are a fun twist on the classic mojito recipe. Tangy and refreshing from lime juice and mint, full of summer flavor from blueberries, and with a nice kick from rum, they are great to enjoy on a summer evening.

Blood orange mojito

This blood orange mojito recipe is a refreshing twist on the classic mojito cocktail.  It’s everything you love about a mojito with an extra hint of fresh citrus flavour.

source: blackpr

Pineapple coconut mojito

A tropical mojito with somewhat more “island” feel. We put the lime in the coconut, included a little pineapple squeeze and shimmering water and shook everything up. A Pineapple Coconut Mojito that is simple, cool and invigorating!

Rhubarb mint mojito

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