The Specialities Of Greek Goddess Painting

Greek mythology never fails to explain the divine origin of gods and goddesses through art and literature. Greek art is an important source of knowing more about the significance of biblical beings, gods, goddesses, and their stories.

The god and goddesses from Greek mythology have a great influence on the world. Pandora, the Goddess of love and beauty, Zeus, the god of the sky, and many more originated from Greek mythology. That’s why classical Roman and Greek mythology always intrigues us in many different ways.

From Pandora to Aphrodite, there is a lot yet to be discovered about the Greek goddesses. So, here comes a brief illustrated guide that tells you more about the Greek Goddesses. What makes these paintings special and the stories behind them.

The Birth Of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

3 Greek goddess paintings and the stories behind them

The Birth Of Venus by Sandro Botticelli

Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus dates back to the year 1484. Even five centuries later, it still remains one of the most compelling masterpieces of renaissance art. This painting by Boticelli is a classical reproduction of beauty that fascinates the divine being of Greek goddesses till today.

The painting describes the pagan Goddess of love, Venus. The ancient Roman poet Lucretius is offering a prayer to the Greek Goddess of love, Venus. The depiction of this artwork of Botticelli is very surreal and soothing in its elemental form.

Each component in the painting showcases a specialty of being divine in a unique form. The sea is calm and delicately painted with an Impressionist style. Venus is rising from the sea and is floating on the seashell.

To the right of Venus is the God of Wings, Zephyrus. He is carrying with himself the breeze of Aura, and together with Zephyrus, they blow the Goddess of love ashore.

On the other hand, the Goddess of the Seasons- Horse is waiting to receive Venus. And then spreads out a flowered covering robe showcasing Venus’s arrival!

Through the painting, Botticelli brings to life the divine allure of celestial beings. He portrays Venus in all forms of its coaxes- Heavenly, Elemental, and Natural. That’s why this painting continues to remain an icon in the history of Greek Goddess paintings.

Greek goddess Pandora by John William Waterhouse

Pandora by John William Waterhouse

Pandora by John William Waterhouse is a biblical reproduction coming from Greek mythology. It is one of the most successful paintings by Waterhouse on the figurative female subject. Classical female figurative subjects were Waterhouse’s strong suits, and many such art pieces by him hold great significance in mythological art.

The majestical canvas of Pandora outlines the figure as a unique self of curiosity. She peers into the sacred vessel given to her so that the myth by God Zeus passes away to hold the blessings.

In fact, Pandora is the first woman on Earth who was created out of the soil in response to the loss of the heavenly fire to the thief Prometheus. Waterhouse’s creativity highlights through the painting that it was Pandora’s curiosity that caused a man’s fall from grace and favor amongst god.

It is to date on the most majestical canvas in the history of Greek mythology on feminine figurative. The delicate brushwork and inquisitiveness that seems to believe the destiny that will follow is its unique specialty of this unique greek goddess painting.

Greek goddess Aphrodite by Britain Rivière

Aphrodite by Britain Rivière

Britain Rivières 1902 creation, Aphrodite is an elegant Victorian painting. It focuses on the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. She is being followed by an entourage of wild animals that seem to have fallen from her spell.

It is an unusual scene of Aphrodite based on a Homeric hymn. An ancient Greek poem around 8th to 6th century BC, old. He showcases Aphrodite hasting down the slopes of Mount Ida. The entire painting is made by using subtle brushstrokes with some edgy, dark tones that balance each other.

The head of Aphrodite is bent backward, and the red dress is flowing freely with golden embroidery. At her feet is a large group of wild animals, from gray wolves to lions and from leopards to bears are surrounding her. This dynamic portrayal of Aphrodite is coming out of the woods, and a purple shawl is draped around her.

The specialty of this Greek painting is the artist’s precision in showing the individual movement of every being. The realistically astonishing painting captures every movement of oneself as if it’s just in front of our eyes and not inside the painting.

The Bottom Line

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