5 Functions Of Shapellx Butt Shapewear

Thanks to our favorite celebrities, we all want a round and perky rear like them. Though some of us are not gifted with a booty like Beyonce, this does not mean that we cannot have a firm buttock. Well, there is no need to go under the knife for this. Wearing butt lifter pants will help to instantly enhance the look of the derriere.

So what are butt lifters? It is a shapewear undergarment that is specially designed to lift and firm your buttocks as well as give them the support it needs. They are like a push-up bra for the rear.

Apart from that, a butt lifter also helps to control the lower tummy and thighs. If you want to give your booty a boost or have a rounder plump derriere, a pair of seamless butt lifter shapewear is the answer.

You can find the best butt shapewear from Shapellx, a leading online shapewear retail store. Besides butt lifters, Shapellx has an amazing selection of the best shapewear for tummy and waist, thigh shapers, waist trainers, and more. Read on to find out the five main functions of Shapellx butt shapewear.

5 functions of Shapellx butt shapewear

  • Prevent sagging – As we grow older, our bodies become saggy. With a butt lifter, you can have instant perky rear without doing any squats or going under the knife.
  • Enhancing the curves – A butt-lifting shaper can give you an instant lift and enhance the size of your curves. If you experience a hip dip, then a butt lifter is the solution.
  • Natural booster – A butt lifter shaper short can act as a waist trainer for the rear.  These compression shorts can redistribute the fats and draws attention to the rear and posture.  This will make you stand straighter.
  • Confidence boost – Your butt is not the only thing getting a boost, but your confidence too. You may not have the courage to wear certain clothes, especially figure-hugging ones but if you can get the support from a butt lifter, why not?
  • Comfortable and seamless – Many women are worried about wearing shapewear and worried that someone will be able to tell. Well, you will be glad to know that rear lifter shorts are invisible under your clothes and they are very comfortable to wear. You won’t even remember wearing it after a while.

Butt Lifters To Choose From

There is a variety of body shaper buttock lifters that offer firm capabilities and maximum lifting such as the following:-

Butt Enhancer Shaping Shorts

This shaper shorts supports and lifts the butt naturally while slimming in all the right places. It has a zipper and hooks in front for more tummy control. The high waist design keeps the belly smooth and tight while naturally lifting the hips to give the S-curve. Its lace bands on the thighs help to control slipping and rolling.

Low Back Hourglass Body Shaper 

If you enjoy the feeling of being supported and lifted, then this low back shapewear is what you need. It is designed to offer firm tummy control, and sculpt the waist, hips, back, and thighs. The double panel control offers firm control of the tummy. The flexible non-compression mesh on the buttocks will highlight and enhance the curves of the butt cheeks. This body shaper is ideal for dresses that have a low back or are backless.

Ultra Comfy Body Shaper

If you want an all-over shaping capability, this sculpting piece is the ideal choice. Made with soft and seamless material, it will support the breasts, flatten the abdomen and give the butt a lift. One of the most sought-after full bodysuits shapewear, this piece features an adjustable and stretchable shoulder strap and snap closure gusset for easy bathroom use.


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