A Need For An Emergency Dentist Dublin

Visiting a historical city in the Republic of Ireland can lead to people enjoying a short break in a place that is full of history with much to see and many places to visit, Dublin is one of these places.

Whether it’s the historic castle, free museums, or the Guinness Storehouse any visitor will know they are in a vibrant city with enough attractions to fill out any three or four-day short stay, making this a city perfect for a quick getaway location for people living in the UK and other parts of Europe.

There are few things that could put a damper on a short getaway more than waking up in the middle of the night with a severe and unexplained toothache or finding that a tooth has cracked to an extent that the nerve has become exposed.

The tourist who finds themselves in a position with a severe and sudden dental need wants to know that they can access help quickly, which will allow them to then feel better and get back to enjoying their short break.

Knowing how to access an emergency dentist Dublin is something that would be helpful but many tourists tend not to think about it before leaving home, after all, they are just thinking of enjoying a short holiday with friends, family, or a loved one.

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Quick and easy advice and access to treatment

We completely understand that dental emergencies and accidents can happen at any time, this often leads to people experiencing a large amount of discomfort and severe pain within the area of the mouth and jaw, and often this can lead to someone being unable to sleep comfortably.

Sudden and unexplained tooth pain, fractured teeth, and the sudden loss of a tooth are all issues that may lead to someone having a need to seek dental care as early as they possibly can.

At these times patients want to know that they can access advice and treatment outside traditional office hours, for this, we invite those with a need to call our out-of-hours number to gain advice about the steps they should take in order to access dental care as soon as possible.

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Ways you can be helped

The first task of any emergency dentist is to identify the cause of any pain and prescribe treatment that aims to relieve the pain for the patient, this may be in the form of pain relief medication or antibiotics, many times tooth pain can be caused by an infection or abscess.

This is not to say there is not another issue that needs further treatment, the dentist will inform a patient fully of all dental issues associated with their sudden discomfort.

When patients find they have had a tooth fall out of position, but they are in possession of the tooth they are advised to place it in a small container along with some milk to protect it. The patient needs to take this container along to any appointment they may have, it may be possible to reinsert the tooth into its original position within the jaw.

A Need For An Emergency Dentist Dublin

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