23 Best Abandoned Buildings Photography

Abandoned buildings are structures that have been completed but are no longer occupied. These structures have been abandoned for years, with no one knowing who owns them. It’s fantastic to try to impose a shot; you’ll be able to tell a different story by focusing on little elements.

From the corridor to the door, you’ll see disintegrating floorboards, peeling paint, and other artifacts that have been left behind in every room of the building. You’ll need to make a chair, a sign, or even an old phone the focal point of your images.

If you love the mystery of abandoned buildings, then here are 23 abandoned building photography you will enjoy.

Image source- urbex.ireland
Image source- _tudoabandonado_
Image source- urbex_asylum2
Image source- explorer_unit
Image source- aremarius_photo
Image source- jmexplorations18
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Image source- ___v_goes_travel___

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