33 Trust No One Tattoo Design Ideas

Tattoo is an art through which people express themselves. One tattoo design that is gaining popularity lately is the trust no one tattoo. This trust no one tattoo is a tattoo that serves as a reminder to all that you should in fact trust no one.

It’s sad, I know. But I’m sure each one of us has been through something in life that makes this tattoo relatable. To trust someone is when you firmly believe in the person. You believe they are reliable and you can lean on them. You believe they are honest, so you can confide in them.

It can be very devastating and heartbreaking to trust someone so much, only to have them break that trust. Some people are able to bounce back after that and learn to trust again but others aren’t and they simply decide to trust no one again.


Tattoo enthusiasts use tattoos to express their feelings and status and express their unique selves, which is really cool. They also likes to turn tattoo designs into real objects to share their attitude and aesthetic with others. The latest obsession is lapel pins inspired by fashion tattoo designs, like the trust no one tattoo design.

If you’re a tattoo artist or tattoo store owner, customize now and turn your art into pins which can be customized to fit any taste and preference.

Trust no one tattoo meaning

The meaning of trust no one tattoo is simply what it is, trust no one. This tattoo serves as a reminder for the person not to trust anyone. There are different reasons why someone would want to get a trust no one tattoo. And it doesn’t matter whether you go to a fine line tattoo artist or a trash polka artist, the meaning and the message remain the same; and that is trust no one.

Some people get the trust no one tattoo because they trusted someone in the past and the person broke their trust. This can be a friend, a lover, a spouse, or even family. Others get this tattoo to serve as a reminder that they should watch their back and not trust anyone at all. Some people also get this tattoo, not because of a bad experience but because they simply don’t want to trust anyone.

Whatever the reason is, having a trust no one tattoo will serve as a great reminder not to trust anyone, not just for the bearer but for all.

Trust no one tattoo ideas


Disguise is when a person tries to conceal who they really are. To trust someone, you must know who they are. So if the one you choose to trust is wearing a disguise, that means they aren’t who you think they are. Some examples of disguise tattoo ideas, include, someone wearing a mask or a tattoo of a person who is indeed an alien inside. These tattoos serve as a reminder that, people aren’t really who they claim to be. So you should not trust them.

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trust no one tattoo
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Cupid holding a gun

Cupid is a representation of love and trust. And cupid normally carries a bow and arrow with love because he only spreads love. So a tattoo of cupid holding a gun with the words trust no one means that even cupid who is all about love and trust has learnt not to trust anyone now so he carries a gun.

photo by marucciahc

Snake hand

This is the most popular trust no one tattoo. With this tattoo, there are two hands shaking but one of the hands is a snake and it is biting the other hand. A handshake is a gesture that symbolizes peace and sincerity. But with the snake handshake tattoo, the snake is rather biting the hands it is shaking. This means that you should be careful of who you choose to trust. Not everyone is sincere.

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trust no one tattoo
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trust no one tattoo
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Handshake with a hidden gun

In prehistoric times, a handshake was a symbol of peace that showed that the person carried no weapon. So a handshake with a hidden gun tattoo is trying to show you that not everyone comes in peace. And sometimes, people may have a hidden evil agenda, so trust no one.

photo by pb_vintage

Handshake with stabbing knife tattoo

This is a cautionary tattoo that is depicting that, someone might seem friendly because they are shaking hands with you, when in reality, they are stabbing you with a knife in the other hand. It’s a reminder to be careful who you to trust.

photo by miguelneils.tattoo

Hug trust no one tattoo

A hug is a demonstration of love. But the thing about hug is that, when you hug someone, you can’t see what they do behind you. This means that you should be careful who you choose to love and trust. The trust no one hug tattoos usually shows two people hugging with one holding a knife.

photo by janshuen

Fingers crossed trust no one tattoo

Crossing fingers have two meanings and they are both applicable when it comes to trusting someone. Crossed fingers is a gesture that is used to wish for luck. So a fingers crossed trust no one tattoo can mean that the person is hoping and wishing that they are making the right choice in trusting another.

Also, crossed fingers is sometimes used by people as an excuse to tell a white lie. People who use crossed fingers this way usually cross their fingers at their back. Crossing their fingers invalidates whatever they say to you even if it is a promise. So the crossed fingers trust no one tattoo can symbolize that you shouldn’t believe everything that someone tells you because they could be lying to you.

photo by 785tattoo

Broken heart trust no one tattoo

Everyone who has suffered a broken heart knows how hard it can be to learn to trust and to love again. This tattoo shows that the bearer has trusted someone before, someone who was very close to them and they loved this person, only for the person to hurt them in the end and break their trust.

photo by menses.ink

Apple with a blade trust no one tattoo

An apple is supposed to be a sweet and soft fruit that one can eat, whereas a blade is a sharp tool that can cut and hurt someone. So an apple with a blade in it simply shows that you should be careful who you choose to trust because not everyone is as sweet as they appear.

trust no one tattoo
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Trust no one quote

Although you can go for these arts that mean trust no one, you can also simply opt for a quote tattoo that says trust no one. It’s a reminder not to trust anyone. You can get the text alone or add the text to any of the other arts that represent trust no one.

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