Giving Patients Straight Teeth With Invisalign

For many adults the idea of undergoing tooth alignment treatment is not something that they relish, as they may not like to think about receiving a treatment that requires them to wear wire in their mouth that wraps around their teeth.

The problem is that when most people think about teeth straightening their minds go back to their teenage years, when they may have come into contact with someone wearing wired braces. Although traditional braces deliver excellent results they are not always the most subtle of treatments.

Giving Patients Straight Teeth With Invisalign
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There is a need to recognise that one of the biggest dental issues among adults living in the United Kingdom is the condition of having misaligned or crooked teeth. This can lead to someone living with discomfort on a daily basis, as well as poor oral health and hygiene standards.

Having to live with misalignment may also mean that a person finds it difficult to clean their teeth fully when trying to brush them, this can then lead to the development of common oral health issues that may require them to visit a dental practice for treatments on a frequent basis.

More and more adults are discovering that modern tooth alignment treatments are very different to the ones they may have been offered as a child.

For instance, Invisalign in Plymouth has the ability to provide a patient with a discreet treatment, as well as the great results that they are seeking. Due to the materials used to create this modern alignment device it can appear to be almost invisible once in a patient’s mouth.

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Giving patients the benefits of treatment

One of the largest benefits of using Invisalign to help give people the straight and aligned teeth that they may be seeking is the fact that the patient can wear them without worrying that others around them can see their treatment device. This allows a patient to feel confident about receiving treatment.

The alignment device is created by moulding two layers of clear plastic together, this helps to create a strong and durable aligner that is customised to meet the individual needs of the patient it is created for. The aligner simply fits over the patient’s teeth, not around the teeth like traditional braces, making it easy to place in the correct position.

It should be noted that a series of aligners will be created for each individual patient’s use, each playing a different role in the tooth alignment treatment process. Each aligner should be worn in place by the patient for around two weeks, at which time the patient can simply and easily remove the aligner and replace it with the next in the treatment series.

Patients should be made fully aware of the commitment required to undergo and complete their treatment, as the treatment process can take between twelve and eighteen months to complete. By the end of their treatment, a patient will have the perfectly aligned teeth that they believe will improve their oral health and quality of life.

Making a positive change

If anyone who lives with misaligned teeth is looking to make a positive change by receiving tooth alignment treatment then they may wish to consider Invisalign as an option that may be suitable to meet their needs.


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