20+ Brilliant Mad Hatter Tattoos Just For You

If you’ve seen Alice in wonderland, then chances are that Mad Hatter is your favorite character in the movie. Mad Hatter was a very hilarious character, and his amusing hat made you giggle nonstop. If you haven’t seen it yet, then you should definitely put it on your to-do list.

There are so many reasons why someone would want to get the mad hatter tattoo. If you loved the character, then it’s enough reason to get the tattoo. Just as the character, the tattoo symbolizes a fun-loving person.

There are so many variations of the mad hatter tattoo you can get. You can simply get a tattoo of Mad Hatter, with his hat of course. Or you can include other things in the movie which you liked.

Consider the time tattoo. This tattoo represents the importance of time in our daily lives and the fact that no one can avoid it. Another tattoo is the “we’re all mad here”. This tattoo also represents how we all have a weirdo inside. You can also add your own variations to make the mad hatter tattoo unique to you.

Here are 20+ brilliant mad hatter tattoos you can’t resist.

Mad Hatter Tattoos A Wonderland Tattoo

mad hatter tattoos
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mad hatter tattoos
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mad hatter tattoos
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mad hatter tattoos
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mad hatter tattoos
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mad hatter tattoos
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